Marco Cesarato
Marco Cesarato

Full Stack Developer

Marco Cesarato

Padova, Italia (PD)

About me

Hi, I'm Marco Cesarato, a 28 year old Italian freelance Web, Mobile and Software developer. Actually I live in Padua (Italy). I'm a weird guy who likes making weird things with the technology. I like to resolve problems, create smart user interface and imagine useful interaction, developing rich Web experiences & good Web/Android applications. I know a lot of programming languages, but I'm ready to pick up new one, I'm always interested in learning, and I care about creating high-quality (graphics and performance) software.

My Skills

PHP (Web back end)
CSS/LESS/SASS (Web Design)
Javascript (Web frontend/App backend)
HTML (Web frontend)
Java (Android, Web & Software)
SQL (Data Management)
Photoshop (Graphics and Design)


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Contact me

Feel free to email me to provide some feedback on my websites, give me suggestions for new improvments or to have the first contact with me for a new job!